Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Click on picture to see it bigger. What 'n' the world?? I'm making some curtains for our bedroom, I'm not even half way done with the first one and it sounds as if the needle is going through the bobbin and then pull the fabric out from under then needle and out come a birds nest of thread. See that brown thread going across the top of the bobbin? I took off the top plates and hand turned the needle up and down to see what the matter is, and this is what I saw, and if you keep hand turning the top thread it will just continue to make loop after loop on top of this bobbin. HELP!!! I've changed the thread, I've changed the bobbin, I've re-threaded it.


The new machine should be here tomorrow. YIPPIE


  1. Always try changing the needle first. A lot of times your needle is bent and you don't see it.
    Hope you get it fixed soon!

  2. WOW...I'd say......good timing on the arrival of the new machine. I'm not good at troubleshooting these things.

  3. The same thing happened to me on my brother. I couldn't fix it at all. Went to a repair shop and they said it was just a piece of crap. Gee, thanks. Hope your new machine works right!

  4. The needle could be it or it could be the timing. I had to have mine adjusted. The needle timing was off and not catching the bobbin thread.

  5. Do you have the bobbin thread coming down from the left side? This was always a problem when I taught jr. high sewing and the machines had drop-in bobbin cases. The kids often would put the bobbin in the wrong way.
    Oh, what am I saying? This is YOUR machine - you know what you're doing. bah.
    Your new machine will work better. Be patient ☺

  6. My first thought was "change the needle" also. It seems to always fix my machines (and while it is open clean out all the lint.)

  7. I wish I had another suggestion for you, but I always change the needle first just to be sure. I also check to see that the bobbin is filled okay. I've only had it happen twice, but for some reason the bobin thread was too loose or too tight and when I changed it, it worked. So anyway, your new machine will soon be there to rescue you.

  8. Sorry.......if I was there, maybe I could help....but if me no see, me no helpeeee, gotta see.

  9. It sounds like the bobbin case isn't set in right. Can you take it out and replace it? Another way of avoiding those bird nests are those silicone disks that sit into the bobbin case. Boy....that new machine can't arrive soon enough.

  10. It will be interesting to see what happened...

    Same ole advice...just common sense stuff...

    Change all the parts you can...(needle, bobbin) use new or different ones.

    Take apart the bobbin casing and clean it all...as far down as you can get.

    Take off the top thread...remember to cut the thread and pull it through the needle. Not backwards (as we commonly do...) as this goes against the tension drums.

    Rethread...rebobbin...reneedle. Make sure the threads top and bottom are flowing easily. If not, adjust appropriate tension.

    Pray....sew. If that doesn't work...unplug, take to shop.

  11. Good thing your new one comes tomorrow. My Brother was doing that, and the entire bobbin carriage was out of whack. It would have cost me over $200 to get it repaired, so I just bought a new one.

  12. Oh I think you should bat your eyes & ask your cute sewing machine repair guy to help you!!

  13. Oh, I hate when nothing seems to work after troubleshooting... Aside from changing your needle and rethreading your machine, I would suggest you double-check to ensure you have not put your bobbin in backwards. Your bobbin should turn clockwise when in use and not counter-clockwise. Sorry I'm not more help Tonya. Good luck, I hope your new machine arrives quickly.

  14. At the risk of making you angry!!!! Take the thread off the machine completely, put a new one on it, then take the bobbin out, put a new one in different thread, now see if it is still doing it.
    It could be your top threading is out a little, or your bobbin is not would properly. If you try it with a different thread ON TOP and a freshly wound bobbin. It might resolve itself.
    Also check your tension has not moved at all.
    Silly things we do automatically sometimes get crossed.....hope you aren't, cross I mean.
    luv ya. jan xxxx


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