Friday, February 26, 2010

Update & It's a Family "thing".


I will have an MRI Tuesday afternoon and will see the Dr. again on Wednesday morning. Seems like he's moving things right along.
I honestly think if he would have offered, I would have let him slice my knee open right in his office today and fix this problem. It's been hurting so bad! Because he's new in town and not "super" busy yet, there's a small chance he can do the surgery soon and I'll be good for vacation the first week of April. To me, that's pushing it a bit, so we'll see.


What you ask? Loosing weight.....
It all started with my mom joining the gym back before Christmas. She keep asking me to join with her, telling me how much I'd love it. I'm thinking "joining a gym, and loving it? no way". Then my aunt (her sister) joined a local gym where she lives. She too...."you'll love it, it makes you feel so good". Whatever is what I would say to them (under my breath, of course). Next was my aunt's spouse, he joined the same gym as her. Now, that one got me. "Richard joined the gym"? Well, even when they were all going to the gym, I was loosing weight. I started this on 12/31/09. However, I finally joined the gym the first of February. They were all right....I DO LOVE IT! TJ also joined at the same time I did. Next, my cousin is now loosing weight. She has the least amount to loose and has not joined a gym yet. FYI: out of all of us, I have the most of loose. :(

I'm not exactly sure of everyone's total weight loss, but here's a good estimate.

mom-32 lbs
aunt- 30 lbs
Richard- 15 lbs
me- 37 lbs
TJ- 10 lbs
Cookie-15 lbs

Yah for us all! We're all doing so great! I'm proud of all you guys and love you all dearly.


  1. Hope you get your knee issue resolved soon.

    That is super about the weight loss!!

  2. Congratulations to your entire family on getting healthy! Way to go! You are doing so good. I need to get back to the gym myself. I tend to be hard core and then nothing. This is a nothing period.

    Keep us posted with your knee. I hope you get the needed surgery soon.

  3. Congrats on your weight loss and commitment to getting healthy. And especially the family thing, that is so neat. Pretty soon you will be able to wear those swim suits on your quilt. ;-)

  4. Fantastic news! You have a lot of cheerleaders so keep up the good work. I knew you would enjoy the gym once you got into it.

  5. Tonya, I can sympathize with your knee problems since hubby has had 5 surgeries.
    Congrats on all that weight loss. I am jealous.

  6. Yay!! congrats on the big step! Looks like you are going to have plenty of people to go with! That will help alot!

  7. The good thing about getting the knee fixed is that you can exercise more rigorously (once it heals properly!!!!) and then your weight loss will speed up...or it will get you past a plateau.
    Have I told you lately that I am proud to have you as my friend?

  8. Your knee will feel better with the weight loss, too. I'm happy you are doing so well with the weight loss and hope you soon get relief from that knee, too. Keep up the good work at the gym!!!

  9. Congratulations on the weight loss! And congratulations on your 'sticktuitiveness' with the gym. I do hope you'll be able to have your knee surgery soon and begin the healing process.

  10. I am so proud of all of you too!!!

    Make sure to keep us in the loop about your surgery. What is the procedure? I think I told you I work in the ortho/rehab area of a hospital - just contingent though, so it isn't regular work.

  11. Tonya! You are doing so good losing weight even with a sore knee! Imagine what will happen when it is "fixed"! Wish I had your will power.

  12. Way to go Tonya! Congrats to you and your family!

    Will you have your knee done in Wilkes or Watauga?

  13. Wouldn't it be nice to get the knee resolved quickly? I hope it happens.

    Way to go!!!!! That is awesome on the weight loss.

  14. Good for you takes a lot of work to lose 37 pounds........I will say a prayer that you get that knee fixed soon!

  15. I second Gene's comment, I too am very proud to call you my friend. You are all doing great on the diet front, I start with my daughter on 4th March, our first weigh in....ARGH!!!!!


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