Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm "rolling" in fabric.

my aunt has access to these rolls of fabric
she got me some several years back and i was super excited to hear that she had more
one time, she was able to get me boxes of their sample books
she asked about them again and it seems as if they trash them
have they no heart?
trashing fabric?
this is so pretty, and just a tad thicker than cotton
horrible picture, this is yellow and much thicker than cotton, not sure what i'll do with this one
(you'll see the yellow roll and the color of this on down in other pictures)
this is very pretty and as thin as cotton
this one is my favorite.......i can picture a bag made from this
however, i'll give my friend the fabric and let her make the bag for me
she's mucho better at bag making
this is white and just a bit thicker than cotton
very pretty and thin as cotton
the greens don't show well in this picture, but i like this one too

very pretty and different as well........

any ideas for all this fabric
would any of you be interested in any of this.....
i have yards and yards and the rolls are almost as tall as me
i could have a giveaway and give you about a yard of each or something
any ideas?


  1. Tonya, I would love a few pieces for my crazy quilt blocks if you can spare them.

  2. I am assuming that these are "home dec" fabrics. Very nice! You could make tote bags with the thicker stuff. You could also use that really thick yellow to cover cushions for outdoor furniture.
    I KNOW you will come up with plenty of ideas though.

  3. Lovely designs, simple and classy. Color selection is also vital in clothing fabric and i think you did a pretty good job here. Thanks for the post:)
    fabrica de ropa

  4. I am with Gene, totes would be wonderful from those fabrics and such lovely fabrics...yes, a giveaway.....

    Now...there should be a law against throwing fabric least 3 months detention in a fabric store...

  5. tote bags of course could be made but what about patchwork throw pillows...the thicker fabric would wear well...or a picnic/carry in the car quilt.

  6. WOW, Tonya you know I would love some, shame I am over here and you are over there. They llok sooooo gorgeous.

  7. all of them would make great purses/bags. Hope you have fun with all your fabric!

  8. A giveaway would be a great idea! I love all of them.

  9. What gorgeous fabrics... being a bit thicker perhaps they were upholstery fabrics. I can't believe they throw them away! When I did custom framing and cleaned out my smaller pieces of mat board I donated them to the schools and to an elderly day care center that had an art program. I saw some of the paintings that were done on the scrap mat board and was so thankful I didn't just pitch them in the trash. With the fabric scraps a lot of the older folks could quilt together and socialize instead of just sitting in their rooms alone.

  10. I would love to make a bag out of that last pictured fabric. I'm partial to stripes of any kind. You're lucky to know someone who has access to this and thinks of you. You could have some fabulous giveaways! I think it might be hard for me to part with any of it.

  11. I love the idea of using the fabric for bags. They would also make nice pillows and notebook covers. Once made I bet you could sell them. Also, as you know a fabric giveaway is a great idea and way to use up stored fabric. Love to see what you do with them. Nola

  12. Selfish fabric user that I am, would vote for a giveaway. It takes some work to disassemble sample books yet the non-quilting weight fabric is probably good for crazy quilting besides the bags, etc. Good fabric should never be thrown away!

  13. Well, can't get much better than free fabric! I agree with totes and pillows, also pieces for crazy quilting. I would probably use to cover cushions or make some if any would coordinate with household. Have fun!

  14. they are decorater fabrics made of upholstery and drapes....they make great bags and purses.....and pillows.......I would love some...have a giveaway...

  15. oops made for upholstery and drapes.....duh

  16. Love the colors. I'm just starting to do crazy quilts .So love to get alot of different patterns Laura Q


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