Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some kitchen helpers...

you'll recognize this first helper.
my mom has always had one of these..
i need one as well, however mine will NOT be pink
i thought this fabric was cute, with peanuts, hot dogs and other food on it
it's a plastic grocery bag holder
this you might not recognize
it's a microwave potato baker
you lift the fold over and place your potato inside
there are instructions on the back, see next picture
i made one with fabric and then this one with a new dishtowel
i think i like the dishtowel one better
it is also lined with fabric on the inside
i added some batting to the first one, that made it to thick and I didn't like that as well
whatcha think?

E is making great progress.....this morning he hobbled (yes, hobbled) into our room at 7am or earlier to show me he could "hobble" without his crutches.
I knew it wouldn't be long till he ditched those crutches.
I stressed to him to still becareful and not put any pressure on that heel just yet.


  1. Great kitchen ideas. I really like that potato bag and haven't heard of them before.

    So glad to read that E is making progress without those dang crutches.

  2. I've never seen a potato bag for cooking them in the microwave. What a great idea you have there. Very marketable, I'd say.
    Hope E doesn't get too frisky!

  3. I keep seeing these potato baking bags, so I guess I need to make one for myself. I love baked potatoes.

  4. I've seen the plastic bag holder but have never even heard of the potato bag. What a good idea!

    Not surprised at all that E is ditching the crutches - boys will be boys!

  5. I have a bag holder but it is made from a kitchen towel. Maybe I should jump in there and make my own now that I am a mad quilter! LOL. Of course that requires elastic and I have never done elastic.
    The potato bags are interesting. I think they would sell well.

  6. I have never heard of a microwave potato maker.....

    Glad your son is doing better...

  7. Used to sell bag holders like crazy at craft shows.
    I have yet to make us a tater sack..made some for a swap and as part of a gift! When I do my sweet tater I just wrap in a dish cloth...sad so very sad... woe is me.;-)


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