Sunday, July 25, 2010

Say hello to Fred and Happy Birthday to E

isn't he cute (even if you think he isn't, say he is)
we found him in the back yard
we snatched him up after we knew for sure he wasn't a baby snapping turtle
from what we can tell and our quick research, he's a box turtle
perfect for a pet
his name is fred
yes, we name our turtles
the aquatic turtles are, dale, rusty, michael and bobby (yes, we hate nascar, lol)
in that first picture, he's actually pushing that pot around with his head
how about that, not only is he cute, he's strong
what else could you ask for in a turtle?

here he is in my planter box tj just built for me
we had to keep him somewhere till we decided if he was coming inside or not
we've emailed the NC Turtle Association or whatever it's called to see exactly what he is
should he be anything other than a box turtle, he's gone, bye, FREE TURTLE, kinda like FREE WILLY
ok, maybe not.........anywho.....
i'll be the first to admit, i know nothing about dry land turtles
he does hiss, but so do our aquatic turtles...we'll see

sometimes...9 going on 2
sometimes 9 going on 16
just depends on the day

he is sleeping much better, we visited the Dr. on friday ;)
that means mom is sleeping better ;)


  1. Fred is SO cute!

    Happy Birthday to E... hope he has a great day :)

  2. Fred IS cute...sort of......well....not my type of pet, but I know you love turtles, so I'll say he's cute, okay??? :)

  3. Happy Birthday E......

    You do love the turtles....and they are soooo cute. We have frogs all over the ground here in Samoa, you want one?

  4. I guess he's cute, if you love turtles. And since I know you do, of course he's cute!

  5. I love your turtle...He is just adorable!

  6. Happy birthday to E. Big plans for the day????

    A box tortoise? Interesting! They are master escape artists. Where did he come from?

  7. he looks like a box turtle too me......

  8. I think your turtle is very cute! I love the yellow going down his back.


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