Monday, July 12, 2010

looking for.........

.....a bag/purse/tote/handbag patten

i've searched the internet for free pattern's and just can't find anything i like

i actually have a bag pattern i bought while on vacation, however; i'm just not feeling it right now

i'm looking for....slouchy, handles long enough to fit over my fat arm, 
(no, i'm not picky)

do any of you have a favorite bag pattern?

this is for me, my personal use, not to be mass produced or sold


  1. I like this one


    there's lots at Moda Bakeshop :)

    I hope you find something you like soon :)

  2. i posted about 2 bag patterns i really like on my blog today

  3. My sister makes my purses, so the only bags I make are the tote type. Sorry I'm no help.

  4. Ha ha..I usually just make them up as I go. That is what works for me.

  5. I do the same as Gene...I don't like following a book most times.

  6. Can you post a picture of a ready made version? Someone might just be able to whip one up for you.

  7. I'm not one who enjoys making I rarely buy bag patterns and rarely look at them online, either. Sorry I can't be more help on this. :(

  8. I do have lots of patterns! I need more info. Like zipper no zipper, 2 handles or one??

  9. I will have to look. So glad to hear from you and thanks for checking my blog. I am gointo try and be better now that things may be settling down.

  10. Tonya,
    AP&Q just posted 19 free bag patterns. Maybe you can find something there, or modify one of them. Enjoy the search!

  11. I just love this pattern, and it is really easy. The Two-Hour Tulip Purse. Check it out at

  12. hiyall,
    my all time faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite purse/tote is this one from Jcaroline.

    very quick to make and you can add patch pockets instead of a zippered one. the metal rings you can get at home depot and I love the sassy bow on the shoulder strap. (mauh) Liz


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