Friday, July 9, 2010

Remember when I got this...........

1963 Singer Spartan
I got this in 2008, I love the way it sews, but hate using it from this "table".
The table was so wobbly and I couldn't get comfortable sitting here sewing.'s what we did.
I love it!
I see you eyeing those go dies in the background.
3 machines now, wonder how many more that poor table can hold?


  1. I wasn't eyeing those dies on the rack....not me.....

  2. Nor me, either.....LOL.......did you clear enough space to use the GO! more comfortably now?

  3. I wasn't even eyeing the really I wasn't!

  4. I don't have an Accuquilt GO thingy so I have no real idea what we aren't supposed to be lookin at! I think Barb, Pat and Gene are fibbing though.

    What a smart idea. Did you simply take the legs off the old wobbly table?


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