Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love it...

pretend you can't see through that mesh background at the stuff behind it. lol

WOOHOO, finally finished a bag.  I wasn't going to stop until I made one, and one I like.

thanks so much to Betsy for this pattern.

for the most part, i followed the pattern, i switched up a few things

like i used twine for the drawstring

this fabric was a charm pack from Connecting Threads

even the handle is patched from the charms

i put three pockets on the inside.

i like this......i'm switching my things over right now


  1. Okay, I am pretending I can't see that stuff.

    The bag looks great! What line from Connecting Threads is that?

  2. Tonya, it looks fabulous!!! The twine really gives it a unique look. I love it. I use mine all the time now.

  3. Love the bag! I probably wouldn't have noticed the stuff if you hadn't told me to pretend I couldn't see it! Then I just had to see it.

  4. I love it. Very nice work, Tonya!

  5. Your bag came out great! I love the charm pack you chose. It works perfectly with the twine drawstring too.

  6. Whooohoooo! You finished one :o) Careful... bags are soooooo addicting!

  7. Great bag, Tonya! I am glad you found a pattern to your liking! I am also a "shoulder bag" girl.

  8. cute bag. You have done alot since 2005! That's only 6 years; I'm sure you'll be sewing for the next 40!


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