Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Pat started something with her last post.  

scrap tub + your GO machine = (below picture)

lots of 2 1/2" HST

i love to have lots of things ready to sew
i can just sit down at my machine and sew and sew
it's such a stress relief for me
and actually,
cutting all these was a great stress reliever

in my scrap bin, i found these squares
from my first few quilts made
i turned those square into these pillows

that scrap tub is now 1/3 full with bigger pieces that i'll use on my 5" rag die
it's on it's way here as we speak....


  1. Fun pillows! I'm planning on taking my scraps and making a bunch of HSTs also. I love to work with them anyways but the Go! will make the cutting process much easier :)

  2. isn't that idea the your pillows...I really have to get one of those cutters!

  3. YAY!!! I am having SO much fun making stuff just from scraps I cut with my GO...and I"m glad you're enjoying it, too!

  4. Cool!! Love them!! My poor scraps are just misbehaving cause they have no get up & GO!

  5. Those scraps look way to organized. Great idea!!!

  6. Those are some awesome pillows! I don't have a Go so....I wouldn't know where to GO with a GO! =)

  7. Good for you Tonya...I have given all my scraps away that I cut with my go...guess I need to go and get cut up some more...

  8. Look at you! all scrap organized!!cute pillas!


  9. AWesome.

    The part I hate most about sewing is the laying out the pattern and cutting.

    When I get in the right frame of mind I try to cut out a couple of garments and put 'em in a big ol ZipLoc type baggie with the pattern and notions.

    I confess, there are baggies with things that will not fit me now............

  10. Whoa! now I see why your arm is hurting. lol You have been very busy. It really is a good idea because sometimes we just want to sew and now you are prepared.


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