Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ready for another Terracycle Giveaway?

Remember me telling you all I'm teamed up with Terracycle to bring you some great giveaways?

I have another one I think you'll all love more than the last one.

The Capri Sun Brigade is trying to make it to $1 Million Paid and 50 Million juice pouches saved from going into a landfill.

(Brigade-Every year BILLIONS of drink pouches end up in dumpsters and landfills across America. TerraCycle™, Capri Sun® and Honest Kids® are working together to put an end to this tremendous loss of resources. As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle™converts pre and post-consumer drink pouch waste material into cool new upcycled products.)


50 Million Drink Pouches Redeemed Through TerraCycle
Fund Local School Programs Nationwide 

Trenton, NJ, September 2010 – A million dollars can go a long way in cash-strapped schools and nonprofits.  And, when all that’s required is to save items from landfills, it almost sounds too good to be true.  True it is. Schools and nonprofits across the country have now earned $1 million through the TerraCycle Drink Pouch BrigadeÔ program.

The Capri Sun beverage brand was one of the earliest supporters of TerraCycle, a company that collects would-be trash and turns it into useful items.  The collection program, called the Drink Pouch Brigade, takes place mostly in schools, where children choose to deposit used pouches in special receptacles rather than throw them away.  In participating schools, each used drink pouch collected and sent to TerraCycle earns two cents, with the funds going toward needed educational programs and resources.

Students and teachers alike have passionately embraced the program as a perfect way to underscore the importance of taking care of our environment while raising money for schools with budget issues. Together, students and teachers at over 30,000 schools nation wide have collected 50 million drink pouches for the program over the past two years.

“As the dad of school-aged children, I think it’s great when a product can help educate while it gives back,” said Vinay Sharma, Director of Marketing, Ready-to-Drink Beverages, Kraft Foods. “And, it’s a source of pride that, as a company, we can help students learn how to make a real impact on the environment and their schools at a time when both are in need.” 

Top 100 Brigades to be recognized by TerracycleDrink Pouch Brigades, found in 42% of schools in the U.S., are part of a free nationwide program that pays schools and non-profits to collect non-recyclable waste that would otherwise go to landfill.  In choosing not to discard their drink pouches, students demonstrate their concern for the environment. 

Some schools – and the students who attend them – have done a truly remarkable job in this regard.  To honor them, TerraCycle will recognize those 100 schools that have sent in the greatest number of pouches and, therefore, earned the most for their programs.

Garbage into great gear
TerraCycle “upcycles” collected drink pouches into affordable, eco-friendly products, ranging from backpacks to building materials. These items can be found at select retailers across the country, as well as online at <>.  

“Our goal is for people to look at waste in a whole new way, and through its sponsorship of the Pouch Brigade program, Capri Sun has helped us to expand the numbers of those who are doing so,” said Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle. “The $1 million that Capri Sun has helped us give out is a powerful sign of the enthusiasm that communities across the country have for the goals of this program.”  

What am I going to give away this time?

well, it has to do with the juice pouches, you all know how much I love those pouches.

Drink Pouch Messenger Bag
Display your environmental message every time you carry around this fun messenger bag made from upcycled Capri Sun® drink pouches. This bag is sewn so that it is sturdy, durable, and will fit comfortably at your side with its adjustable strap.
Dimensions: 12” T x 17.25” W x 4.5” D
* Specific wrapper/color is subject to variability

I actually want to win this.

Yes, I know....I could just make my own.

Here's what you need to do for a chance to win:

go to
and tell me what your favorite upcycled item is.

Entries will close 10/01/10 @ 3pm


  1. That is a cute messenger bag!

    There are so many fun things over at terracycle! I love the chain picture frames and the fact that they make a fence out of drink pouches.

  2. Please enter me into the contest. I liked the bicycle chain frames and the wine corks cork board. Both very clever ideas for sure!

    Thank you for offering this contest. I have seen these bags and always wanted one:)

    Ann Flowers

  3. I'll have to go over there and have a look!

  4. It is amazing what they are making. I like the corks, picture frames and also the messenger bag.

  5. I like the Circuit Board coasters, and the Round Drink Pouch Lunchbox.

  6. I like the M&M picture frame. Also the messenger bag you are giving away is great. I bet my granddaughter would love it.

  7. I like the drink pouch homework folder and I also like the Oreo wrapper kite. What COOL stuff!!! (I need to remember to bring down the Capri Sun to you when we visit!)

  8. I like the reversible heart wristlet!

  9. What you are promoting is just awesome....

    Have you thought to do journal covers?

    Maybe I should go look before I ask?

  10. My fave item is the Reverse Hearts Print Tote made out of Frito-Lay bags!
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  11. Love the Oreo cookie wrapper messenger bag and the Lays clipboard. How fun, it brings wrappers to a whole new light. You must go through a lot of needles sewing through the capri sun containers. What kind of thread do you use if you don't mind my asking?

  12. I like the Oreo Kite kit; trying to collect the pouches to make a gift bag myself. Hard when you don't have any kids. Stay well, Tonya.

  13. i really like the drink pouch large backpack. super cute!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  14. Oh my gosh, I like everything. Who would have thought it. The clipboards are cool,everyone needs one of those. And the tote bags too!


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