Saturday, September 18, 2010

A few of my favorite the moment

in order of important to least importance

the view off my back deck....why?
because GOD created it and there's nothing better
well except when there are no leaves on the trees
the view just gets can almost see the further mountains in the distance

my pl lanyard
i'm so excited for this chapter in my life
i hope it's a long chapter

my "old" mini kerosene lamps
i love these
i have to use them on the back deck, cause the burning kerosene flares up an asthma attack
i love these
have i said that already?

(favorite things list and order of importance subject to change) 


  1. That looks so PEACEFUL.

    Have you tried other lamp oils to see if you can find one that doesn't trigger your asthma?

  2. It is a gorgeous view. Loved seeing the lanyard!!!

  3. I have a lamp just like those. "Somewhere" in a box. I was thinking about starting a Binky Patrol Chapter just before we moved to NC. Thought about it again recently, now my DIL is pressuring my son to move back to FL, where she is from. If it happen it will be at least two years. Hate to start something then leave. Since I heard about the FL thing, I don't even feel like unpacking any more boxes. "Or" finishing my studio. Oh well, just another day in paradise!

  4. LOVE the view and can't wait to see if for myself....also......I am SO excited for your Project Linus chapter......I'll have blankets for you when I visit in a few weeks. Nice lamps, too. Maybe Gene is right and you can find some other lamp oil that won't trigger the asthma for you.

  5. Its so nice to hear when simple things, little moments of beauty make you happy.
    It makes me happy too!

  6. Love the view!! Congratulations on Project Linus!! Nice lamps!

  7. what your favorite things are says a lot about YOU...great post

  8. Love your view. That's why I live in a mountain state.

  9. I think it is wonderful that you are using your talents of quilting for PL. What a great way to use a gift God gave you for His glory! I'm going to look into that.

  10. Ok this makes me want to plan another mt visit soon. Cute lamps.
    I am so happy for you ... on a roll with PL!

  11. Thanks for the lovely post...just make me smile.


  12. I had lamps like that back in my "hippy" days, thanks for the memories. I used some kind of oil in them.

  13. Favorite friends. Enjoy your day.

  14. I love your view! I'd love to sit and read on your back deck and may do some handwork or knit.

    I've never seen lanterns like that. They are beautiful.

  15. I miss having a house with a deck. Love the view!

    A simple little badge but I bet it makes you smile when you wear it :)

    We have a few kerosene lamps but we don't use them because they set off my asthma too. We used to live in a house with kerosene heaters before I was diagnosed with asthma and it used to be so bad for me to be inside.


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