Saturday, September 11, 2010

What I learned at my local quilt show.

yep, that's what I learned
isn't she cute?
the lady who's booth she was at said "i don't throw anything away"
she reminded me so much of myself
she sits atop my old machine
I made her and am going to make more.

on the way out of the show, I won
I won the drawing of the hour
how cool is that?
I won a Nine Patch Mania book
a Christmas applique pattern 
and a spool of serger thread that will be heading to Alabama
to live with Gene.

next Friday I'm going to the long armers show in Clemmons, NC
then a month from now Pat from A little of this and a little of Pat and her DH are coming to NC
I can't wait for that.  We're all so excited.


  1. Your rag doll is very cute. Did you give her a name??? How nice to win the prizes at the show, too. Did they have a lot of quilts on display there? are going to meet two blogging friends soon...Mary next weekend and then ME a month from today!!! I'm really excited about that, too!

  2. Yaay that you won! (and it is good for me too! Thanks!!!)
    I am excited that y'all will get to meet too! I need info on the meeting...if it is the week I am off, I may take a couple of days for a ROAD TRIP!!!

  3. great little doll...and you are generous to lucky to be able to meet 2 blogging friends so close together....

  4. The rag doll is gorgeous. Aren't people clever?

  5. That is a cute doll! Great that you are going to share w/Gene!! That would be awesome to get to meet people that you blog with. Totally neat!!

  6. Cute doll!! Congrats on the win! How fun to meet other bloggers.

  7. That's really cool that scrappy doll, and even cooler to be a winner! Well done Tonya :)

  8. She's awesome! Congrats on your win - it's so fun to be the winner of a draw!
    I can't believe Pat is going to visit you. That's great!

  9. What an adorable doll - I have never seen one before. Congratulations on your lucky win.

  10. What a cute rag doll! Congratulations on the win!

  11. Looking forward to meeting you too!

  12. I am so jelous because I want to meet Pat and Mary also! Have a great time.

  13. That rag doll is adorable!!! What a clever idea.

    You are going to have such fun meeting up with all those great gals. Wish I could join you.

  14. I love her...she is perfect for a sewing room and all those little scraps......pretty talented girl you are lately!


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