Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Green No Sew Block Swap-Quilt Completed

These blocks were from a swap Pat C. hosted 
Green no-sew blocks.  We cut the blocks so that they are ready to sew and exchange with 11 other people and you have enough for a quilt.
I also did a Red White & Blue with Cecelia.  (I haven't completed that one yet)

I cut one of my blocks to small when trimming, so I had to cut them all to size to match.
So, it may look a little off to those of you that have this completed.
I'm just glad it didn't turn into a UFO.  Because it almost did.

TJ really like this quilt and didn't believe I made it.
I'm not sure if that's good or bad. lol


  1. Looks good!! Better than me some of my blocks are still waiting maybe this Winter. So did TJ claim it for his???

  2. Looks great Tonya!!

  3. Looks great! This was such a fun swap, and I love my finished quilt.

  4. I did a green and white no sew exchange blocks are still in a bag ....not together...oh me oh my....I really have to get caught up on those UFOs

  5. I like it, Tonya. Glad to see you finished it. Wanna finish some of my projects?

  6. It's lovely! I haven't even finished sewing my blocks yet. Geez, I haven't finished anything in such a long time! Well done, my friend!

  7. Nice job, Tonya...I got my top done but never got around to quilting it or binding it...someday...soon, I hope!

  8. Nice finish! I can't tell that you cut one of the blocks too small.

  9. Looks great Tonya! I bet it feels good to have finished it when you thought i might become a UFO.

  10. It looks great no matter. My sister loves green so much that I sent her the squares.


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