Friday, September 17, 2010

Met Blogging Buddies Today

me and jeanne from all things quilty
jeanne lives in raleigh, nc and travels very often to ashe county (right above my house)
to a mountain home she and her family have up there
jeanne had several entries in the long arm show today, all sew beautiful

(yes, I do have eyes, it was so bright out and then me smiling, my eyes just get lost in all that face)

me and mary from quilt hollow
mary gave me tons of fabric, i really do mean tons, for project linus

i have made a separate blog for project linus and will let you all in on it once it's approved
also, i'm waiting on my "rules" from them to learn more to work more on the PL blog

i had a great time at the Carolina Long Arm show today in clemmons, nc
such beautiful, beautiful long arm work

of course we couldn't pass up joann's being that close and all

i also met carrie p. from a passion for applique
mary introduced me to carrie or i wouldn't have known her
i didn't ask for a picture, i didn't want her to know how weird i am right off
that's something she'll learn if she follows me long enough, or even stops by, lol

poor mary & jeanne didn't have a "picture" choice ;)


  1. Looks like you all had a fun day!!! I'm glad to hear that. Mary is a sweetheart to give you fabric for Project Linus! It will be nice when you get blog approval and can let us see your PL blog,too. What did you buy at Joann's?

  2. Lucky you, a quilt show and quilt friends! Looking forward to your Project Linus blog.

  3. Morning didn't work out for me, or I would have been there. Mary said you were, both, going this morning. I was trying to figure out a Tonya in W-S Guild, drew a blank. You crossed my mind, but I didn't think you would drive over this far. Sorry, I missed meeting you.

  4. so great to meet your blogging friends.....glad you had a great time

  5. What a fun time you guys must have had. It was awfully nice to put a face to Mary.

  6. Look at you go girl..a social 'blog pal' butter fly...;-)What fun yo meet up with Mary!! What fun!!
    I bet you saw some awesome quilts as well!!!
    Look forward to hearing more about your PL blog and projects!


  7. Hey Tonya,
    thanks for coming by my blog and it was so great to meet you. I have met several bloggers from NC. It is fun. The show was great. So much talent.
    How sweet of Mary. She is a very generous person.

  8. I'm sure it was great to meet up with fellow bloggers. What fun.

  9. Oh Lucky you to meet some bloggy friends. I've been following Mary and Carrie for quite some time now. What a special day to meet up with people who share your passion for quilting.

  10. It was great to meet you, Tonya. I like that picture of us! I posted one on my post today At All Things Quilty. Thanks so much for coming to the show- I am glad you enjoyed it.

  11. How cool to meet friendly bloggers in person. Thank you for sharing your smiley faces, I'm smilin' right back at you!

  12. What a wonderful day you had! It was lovely to see the both of you!

  13. It was wonderful meeting you!!!
    I'm just now checking the computer and trying to catch up. I haven't even posted yet. Eeeegads look at my picture! It's out there. LOL

  14. Tonya, you are too much. I'll be sure to have my hair done and make-up on when we meet!

    Glad you had a big day. Next time you head toward the East give me a couple days notice and I'll try to head West to meet up!

  15. Hi Tonya, this is my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed scrolling back. I was so glad to see the picture of Quilt Hollow - I came to your blog from her. blessings, marlene

  16. Hi Tonya, nice to meet you I came by way of Carrie's blog. How fun is that to meet fellow bloggers. I've met Mary while I was loitering around a quilt shop (she wasn't loitering, but there using her time well).

  17. Oh my word, fun...for all. You must have had a wonderful day.

    Aren't bloggers just the bestest around?????

  18. How fun to meet blogging friends! And its so nice to put faces to bloggers~ thank you! :-)

  19. Fun to meet some of our fellow bloggers. I want to meet Mary in person, for sure.

  20. Hi Tonya, I'm Loris by way of Mary's blog. Sounds like the quilt show was alot of fun, especially getting to meet other bloggers. I'll look forward to hearing more about Project Linus. Charity quilts make it all more rewarding.


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