Friday, February 18, 2011

Got Buttons?

I don't anymore, but fear not, I've order more.
Remember my zipper obsession?  I still have it, don't worry.
However, now I've added buttons to it.
I had to use my DROID (love it) powered cell phone for this pictures, and I have to say, there not bad, colors are pretty true.  The sun kept coming in and out, so that may look a bit odd.
 gold & black kids button bracelet.... all are on elastic rope
 browns, beiges and creams
 MODA seashell buttons, very classy
 blues, clears, and black
 hearts & stars
my favorite, a hodge podge of small buttons
wooden heart buttons

I think I'll do a tutorial on these, just to add to my list.
Cause I'm certain you all can figure this out on your own.
Although, I did use a few tricks.

feed my ego, tell me what ya think?


  1. Tonya, I dearly love buttons too. Your pictures are neat. I use to collect them but did give that up and started using them instead. I just want to thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog and signing up for my giveaway. I will be enjoying you blog now too.

  2. Those are awesome. I love my Droid too!!!

  3. What a great post. Us women and our buttons!


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