Thursday, May 7, 2009

Border help needed!

No, not at the US/Mexico border. (Sorry, not funny!)  In my sewing room would be where I'm enlisting your help.  So, I've finally completed the retro blocks.  I now have the small wall hanging complete, well all except the border and binding and backing.  WOW, I'm not complete at all.   Ok, anyway.........I need your help on choosing a border.  I kinda like the stripes, because it looks retro as well.  Then I kinda like the pink beside the stripes.  Who knows, none of them might not work.  However, these are my only "close" options.  So........taking all votes, please let me know which you would use as a border?

UPDATE 5/8/09 **I went with the striped fabric.  I was still not sure I would like it even as I am sewing it on.  But, I have two sides on, and LOVE it.  I think you will to.  **


  1. The only one I'm ruling OUT as not to be used is the light green (second one in from the left). I think any of the other 3 would be fine. (Sorry...guess I'm not much help, am I?)

  2. I would go with the stripes.It will compliment it perfectly!


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