Monday, May 4, 2009

I can free motion........uh huh!

Thought you were done seeing this hexie table runner?  Well, I found a way to add even more thread to this beauty.  I did some free motions "circles" on it.  If I would have done I was going to free motion it, I wouldn't have used the other thicker decorative stitch.  However, I think it looks good.  I like my attempt of free motion.  The back doesn't look as impressive, but for a first time.  It will be ok.


  1. Yeah babbbyy you doing good!!.
    Look like lil roses!!!

  2. I like it a lot, Tonya!!! GOOD JOB!!! If you stick with it, you will be excellent in no time at all as you have done amazingly well for just having that pressure foot for a short time now.

  3. Hey! Nice job!
    And wasn't that fun...?

  4. I like your free motion quilting. Well Done!

  5. You are doing just what I did, being too critical of your first tries. This looks really good. Remember that most of these are done with groovy boards and/or computers which is why they look perfect. Your's just look "great!"


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