Friday, May 15, 2009

Would you like to go on a Fieldtrip, or tour if you will?

No permission slips needed for this trip.  No packing your lunches, and no money need for gifts.  However, I will take special orders.  This is a tour of my sewing "space".  I say space, because it's all I have.  I have a 5x10 (roughly) in the corner of our family room.  It tends to look cluttered at times.  Although, I did clean up for this tour.

Here's the main space.  All jammed in.

This is the main machine I use.

I haven't had this pre 1960 Singer Spartan long.  But, I love it.  It sews great.

Here we have a fabric stash under the table in boxes and baskets.

Another fabric stash in the basket.  Scraps are in the rubbermaid, and two drawers of binding.
(and my new purse I got for Mother's day)

More fabric in drawers.

Even more fabric in drawers....

Yep, you guessed it......more fabric.

My books and patterns.  With another stack of books behind the new machine.

Here we have thread, part of the iron, a ribbon holder, and drawers full of needles, feet, templates, patches, straight pins, safety pins, and lots of ric-rac.

This is a stack of UFO's and finished items I'm racking up for Christmas.

And finally, the clutter of the area.  More thread, and even more thread.  Bobbin containers, which I just found at Wal-Mart, these are very cool.  Patterns in the
 bags, all cutting tools, and most importantly....MY IPOD.

So, there you have it.  Your tour is complete.  I do hope you enjoyed your tour and you all have a safe trip back home.  Please come back at any time.  Please let your tour guide know just how much you've enjoyed your tour.  Or not enjoyed your tour.


  1. It's always fun to see the sewing space of others. You have yours very well organized. My sewing space is in the bedroom the grandkids use when they come to visit, so I have to dismantle it when they are expected....which I'm doing today as the youngest one will be here tomorrow for 5 days. Thanks for the field trip.....I did enjoy it a lot.

  2. I love looking at everyone's sewing space & get ideas everytime I look at them. My sewing space was in my living room, dining room, under beds & 2 coat closets in my foyer....I finally got a sewing room ... my very own space; BUT you would never guess it's in our barn!!! I love those bobbin containers.....Glad you shared your sewing space. You are very organized! My space was a mess. Company would come over & it was like WOW, what a mess. LOL

  3. What a fun tour! Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for sharing! Jennifer

  4. To be honest I think I got more things finished and was more organized when I had to sew in a corner of our bedroom and kitchen!!! With a room you can walk out of and shut the door...well you become more free... free in not keeping it as straight as you HAD to keep the corners!Haa!
    You have it all fixed neatly in your small area. Loved seeing thanks for sharing!!

  5. You sure pack a lot of talent into that small space. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for showing us your sewing room. I had to spread everything out as I live in a wee cottage, but I love yours! I have a Pfaff 4.0 Expression as my main machine, and love it!

  7. excellent tour. For a small area you do very well.

  8. Very nice ... thanks for the tour =)

  9. Please come to my house and help!!!!I get so out of control and I dont have a big stash, just a zillion odds and ends thrown into bins...all your neat little piles of fabric...i can only dream....

  10. You do have a lot of stuff fit in your small space.. very good! I would probably have that spread out all over the place.. including the back of that couch. :-)
    LOVE your Spartan!


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