Monday, May 11, 2009

There's a thief in our church.

Yeah, I you had to read that title again.  Well, here's what happened.  We have a secret pal program at our church.  I'm sure we all know what that is.  I am my mom's secret pal.  (we draw names and I just happened to get hers)  Last night the hubs and I took a card with a gift card inside the card to the church.  No one was there.  We put her card on her pew where she sits.  Before, one of her gifts was misplaced, so I wanted to be certain she got this.  So, I called her later in the day and casually asked "what did you get from your secret pal"?  She said "nothing".  I was like WHAT?  Then I had to tell her I was her secret pal, and I dropped the card off last night.  Well, she went back to the church to "search" and see if someone picked it up and left it somewhere.  Sure enough, she found the card shredded in the women's bathroom trash can.  She was in tears.  Someone had opened her card, took out the gift card and then shredded the card and envelope.  I AM LIVID!!!!  How dare someone take something that isn't theirs.  We have it narrowed down to 2 people and are pretty certain we know which one took the gift card.  I'll update you all later on what happens, because we have a plan!  I did call the pastor and let him know there's a thief in his church.

Let me also add.........I've always attended church.  Here recently I've seen the "bad" things church people do.  I'm very discouraged.  Some of these people I really look up too as to how to live my life right.  What do you do when your "leaders" are bad?  When the elders in your own church are not good people??  We've long been thinking about finding a new church.  I think it's finally time. 


  1. This is very sad AND disgusting. As for the church leaders being bad, I had a job for years with the Catholic Church (when we lived in NJ) and I saw things with some of the priests that would curl your hair, so NOTHING surprises me with church leaders. If your present pastor is okay, I'd say try to stick it out.......but, of course, this is a personal decision and maybe even with an okay pastor, there are too many other things you are upset about there. We have changed churches just recently and found the right one and LOVE it.

  2. How sad. :-( I hope you find who took the gift. It's sad not just for your secret pal but for the person who took the gift. What a shame.

  3. It's very discouraging to hear of thievery in a church. And a secret pal gift at that!

  4. That is just awful! I'm so sorry. Stealing in church - someone will get their just payment!


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