Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you save these?

........and what do you do with them?
I'm fascinated with selvage edges and moda strings.
I'm sewing all the selvage edges together, not sure what I'll do with that yet, but I love the look of it.
The Moda strings, I would like to sew them all together into a tote or handbag.
However, I do not have many Moda strings, that will take awhile.
If you have selvage edges or Moda strings in your way, send them to me, I would love to have them.


  1. I usually just toss them...although I know many do make things out of them. If I remember, I will save them for you.

  2. I love the selvages. I mostly do small profects with them, but you can see wonderful items at I, too, save the Moda bands and know that someday I will figure out a project for them.

  3. I put the strings in my tote straps.....yes sireeeee....

  4. I save the Moda strings. I haven't used them for anything yet. I did make a little journal cover out of selvages.

  5. I've been on a selvage kick lately too and have used up quite a pile of them. But I'll look in my sewing room and see if I've kept any Moda strings that I could send you.

  6. I have made pillows and potholders out of them...I love them too!


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