Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Such Tedious Work..........

........but oh so worth it
i started working on these awhile back
i appliqued each dress to a white block
now i'm going around each dress with the applique stitch
that's what takes forever
i can now say, i'm almost half done
a sneak peek below......
hope on over to Pat's and congratulate her on her recent win of a GO from their Facebook Page
if your not on Facebook or if you are and are not a fan of Accuquilt's GO,
i urge you to go at once, when they hit 5000 fans they gave away 5 GO's
that's how Pat won!


  1. What are you going to do with these blocks or have you told us and I forgot?

  2. Yes can be tedious but once you get used to it and learn to adjust the size, etc. goes much faster.
    I use this stitch a lot on my Bernina.
    They are some cute lil dresses. Recall you had lots of ribbon small bows would be cute tacked on to these cuties! Some cute buttons or even some with cute aprons.

    Yes is it not AMAZING about Pat's win!!!

  3. Your dresses are adorable.... I have to listen to music when I sew them down...I get so bored easily.

  4. doing this stitch does take time, but they are oh so, everyone is winning go cutters....

  5. The dresses are looking adorable! It seems to take soooo looong to applique around the shapes but it worth it in the end.

  6. Hi Tonya!
    Cute little gingham dress quilt blocks. Nice job.

    I am asking for your vote to win a GO Cutter from Bejeweled Barb's blog. I am (sewmeow) one of 5 finalists and am behind in votes.

    Please tell everyone (friends/family/bloggers/twitters/FB fans..EVERYONE) to go vote for me. Here's the link:

    Thanks sew much! Have a great day and thanks for following my blog too.

  7. Oh no no no they gotta vote for you Tonya. I really hope you win. I will give you a list of things to cut out for me. hahahahahaha I have finally printed out a pattern for these little cute dresses. You are doing well on the stitching on them. Look great.

  8. Those are so cute Tonya, I think you are going to have to borrow a little girl so you can make cute girly stuff for her.

  9. I remember those sweet little dresses. I can't wait to see what you make with them.


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