Friday, June 25, 2010

I've been busy, busy...

i've been dabbling into a bit of everything the past few days
turtle time-out
this is the cutest block i've ever seen (until i see the next cute one)
Annette from the UK sent me this
she and her mom know my love of turtles (as does everyone)
i'm not sure, but i think she even cut the pieces for me?
i finally put this together tonight
still have to stitch around the applique
i would love to find the other blocks that go with this block
on the back of the pack it has a picture of all the other blocks
there's 7 more blocks and 3 of them have turtles on them
oh please let ebay have
have you ever "broke" a needle and it looked like this?
i was sewing through a fabric rubber band, i never expected this to happen
would you take a look at this adorable pin
Becky sent me this along with the box below
some fabric scraps
a cute draw string bag that held this pincushion
lots of zippers
and yardage of some kids flannel
Becky grew up here in wonderful Wilkes county
her dad is a very prominent lawyer here
funny, i've been talking to Becky for maybe right at a year
and never suspected who her dad was
i know him, i've been in his office
my friend used to work for him
it wasn't until last week when i posted something about court
on my facebook status, she said to "tell my dad hi"
and it hit me...........i was almost in contempt of court for the gasp i made
it's a small world
Becky is still in NC.........just not here anymore :(
what have we here?
oh yeah.....
we put it up last night until it was so dark we couldn't see
we starting filling it this morning
we haven't added the chemicals or anything yet
now, our back yard is a downhill slant....major downhill slant
so, this is a challenge.....we almost have it level
by this evening at dark, it still wasn't full
only 4,440 gallons
good thing we're not in a drought, they wouldn't let us fill it
hoping to get in it tomorrow evening
i don't care for that ladder
hubby is going to make me some WIDE steps to get in
and we'll get some pool safe plastic ones to put on the inside to get out
this is to drown our house buying blues, lol


  1. CUTE turtle!!! YIKES...that is one super-bent needled. I love the pool. I love to go swimming at night but there is no place here where we can do that. (Mind if I go there for a visit??)

  2. Love love love the turtles...

    can I come and swim...only at dark, don't want anyone to see my fat rear...

  3. Cute turtle! Wow on the bent needle??
    Ahhhhh splash!!

  4. cute turtle Tonya and I like the pool.
    Nice new blog layout too.

  5. The turtle is adorable! I love that block, I would love to see the others.

    I have broken needles but NEVER had that happen! Mine usually just break off at the eye or just above it.

  6. Adorable turtle block!

    No bent needles here. Mine usually just snap above the eye.

    Nice pool. I know what you mean about those ladders. I don't care for them.

  7. What a cute little block. Maybe you'll be able to find the others that go with it, but if not, I'm sure you'll make something great with this one. Enjoy your pool! This is great weather to just be in the water.

  8. I love those turtles. Oh no!!! Do I need another project????? Glad you were able to find the others to go with it.

    You will love that pool this summer.

    That is a great pincushion and it looks plenty big. I'll bet that bent needle won't fit in it. What a strange way for a needle to bend!

  9. Wonderful blocks and great gifts to you!

    I'd hate that ladder too. The pool is going to be great for the loooong hot days of summer. I know it gets hot even in the lovely mountains you live in.


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