Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What are you doing today?

I've murdered some RWB blocks.
no joke, I really have.
I thought about calling for back up,
who would I call?
The quilt police?
I mean really.....
Now, should some of you feel you need to call them on my behalf.....BE WARNED...

I have managed to save the center of this last block so that it still looks somewhat like a star.
Thank goodness for that.

I think I'll break from RWB and work on Needled Mom's tutorial for some fabric flowers.

So........what have you been doing today?

(I did away with the captcha, since so many of you whined, about it.) ;)


  1. It is YOUR blog Tonya, you put up what you like, it only takes a second or two to fill that thing in, whatever it is called, as I said before it is done for our safety. Come on folks, keep Tonya's Blog safe.
    I haven't started my RWB yet, I have been making postcards today and thinking!!! about doing the ironing. I decided not to!!

  2. I have all my RWB blocks done and hope to get it all sewn up to show you next week. Good luck with yours!

  3. I worked a health fair all morning, then worked at my desk till time to go home. I bought some groceries. I did major trimming on some bushes....and now I am just plain bushed!

  4. I was SUPPOSED to do typing for my job, but I didn't get much done of that....went to babysit as a favor for a friend....then came home and cut a few things with my GO cutter...then went to bell choir practice at church and then came home. I really need to get more typing done.

  5. Fabric flowers have to be more fun anyway!!!!!

    I babysat grands so did not get much done in the sewing room, but we played marbles, built Magne*tix, ate pancakes, made cookies and just had fun.

  6. I worked 8, went to dinner with DH, then shopped for a wedding gift for our nephew and birthday gift for my Mom. That's it. No sewing today. =(

  7. Well.....doesn't sound how did your flowers turn out?

    Me...I shoppped for material and....I sent a million packages off...cost me a boat load of money...and my husband was standing right there, what are the odds?

  8. Yesterday I recovered from my trip, basically washed clothes all day. My older grandson spent the night with me and that was fun.

  9. Dealing with "novice" campers.....!!


  10. You're so funny! I guess I have committed this offense before and luckily haven't been arrested yet! I have been hiding out and playing ignorance! Sometimes making murder ends up working really well and for the best! LOL Steph


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