Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I got Royal Mail

I know when I get "royal mail" it's going to be good.
Jan knows my love of turtles, then again....who don't?
She sent me this adorable turtle below
you press that small button on top and the light comes on and it makes an "oink" noise
yep, it's oinks....maybe it's supposed to be a turtle sound
but it's super cute anyway......
then this below..........WOW
she quilted a special to me on the blue sashing below each row of cups
in the blue thickest border, there are small hearts quilted
so, so pretty....i love this Jan!
you are the greatest!


  1. Very cute and the quilt is too!

  2. That is awesome.....lucky you...and you deserve it...and more!!

  3. Gotta love the Royal Mail!!!! Love the turtle and the quilt.

  4. Great gifts for you! The quilt is just the cutest.

  5. Oooh.... squealll!!!!!! You know I love some Royal Mail! LOL. I get a little crazy when I see that postmark.

    The turtle is precious and the Quilt is lovely.

  6. I liked the picture of E with the quilt best. Glad it arrived, and that you like it my friend. xxxxxx and hugs

  7. I LOVE that quilt...the turtle is cute but the quilt is THE BEST!!!

  8. Cute squealing turtle! Sweet tea cup quilt.

  9. what a great package! that turtle is so cute!!!

  10. The turtle is so cute, we actually have a pig that does the same thing.

    Best part is the quilt, just beautiful.


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