Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thrift Store & Other Finds

From the BIG Fabric store......18 yrds each of "rope" type ribbon for $1.99
Dill Buttons from the same store for $.50
Superman panels from my local Thrift shop........
Oh how cute is this, almost 3 yards of material for $3.50 the note says "please release Terry for a speedy recovery" TJ's real name is Terry.
From the BIG Fabric store.....across the street is a Ribbon and Silk Flowers Warehouse......10 yards for $'s a deep purple. I love this.
Basket from my local Thrift Store.

New house plans are going as to be expected. We got a hilarious Bank offer.....let's just say we declined it. Back to the drawing board tomorrow...


  1. Gotta love some of these banks...they must think people are very naive!!! I hope you let them KNOW why you are declining their offer.....and tell them they are NUTS!!!

  2. Great deals. I bet you will make some lovely things for us to see.
    Banks?? I do not bother with those anymore. Seems ridiculous the things they are doing these days.

  3. You got some really great deals. Good luck with the house plans.

  4. Great finds!

    Don't loose your excitement over the house plans. It will work out.

  5. I love your finds, especially the "release Terry" fabric.

    the house thing will work out when it is supposed to.

  6. Great finds! I'm with Gene on the bank!

  7. I was sure I had put a comment here, I wonder where it went?? You are so lucky with all your wonderful finds, I envy you. Well done regardless, keep on thrifting.


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