Monday, June 7, 2010

Quilt top complete

this was 2 Moda Charm packs and I can't remember what the name of the line is
i kept the wrap so i could remember and then threw it away
i wish i could just make quilt tops and have someone else quilt them
that's just not in the budget

the center square will fray when i wash and dry this
i can't wait to see it like that
it just might be awhile, haha
i like the colors in this top, browns and such...


  1. I think it's Odyssea... I'm pretty sure anyway lol!

    It's beautiful! Did you use the 5" squares and then cut the others down? What size are the second ones?

    I made one raggy squares quilt that had pieced sashing. Now I have the fabric for another but it's more like this... no sashing just borders after.

  2. Cute quilt top! I love the fabrics.

  3. I would do it for you, you know that.

  4. Did you do raw edge applique for the center squares? This looks great. I don't like the quilting as much either. I am hand quilting a quilt now and I enjoy that.

  5. It is indeed ODYSSEA by Momo for Moda. Hancock's of Paducah only has the FQ bundle left and it is in closeout. (I went looking to see what line it is)
    I love the quilt top. I enjoy quilting but it takes sooooo much time. Oh for a longarm and the space to put it.

  6. It looks GREAT, Tonya!!! I have the same problem about quilt tops......not enough in the budget to have them done very often. :(

  7. This is really sharp looking! Just lovely!

  8. WOW ..that's a GREAT quilt top Tonya!!! ;-)
    Really nice. Straight line quilting or in the ditch would go pretty quickly and look good.
    Yes I too wish I could have mine done by a LA but hey we deal!


  9. I really like this one, Tonya. Love the colours.

    And I'm with the rest of them - quilting is the hard part. Still, though, just making the top and having someone else quilt it wouldn't really be "quilting", would it? I've never paid to have someone quilt a top (which probably explains why I don't get many quilts made).

  10. Love the colors and the rag centers. Great job!

    I wish I could send off my tops to be quilted. I have a large pile of tops that keeps growing.

  11. It looks great. I love the colors too.

  12. Wonderful...just wonderful!!


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