Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bingo Number anyone......

T 67
True Random Number Generator 67
Why did it post funny you ask? I have no clue and no energy to fight with it. Heading to the city today to shop at Joann's. YIPPIE

I guess I choose a hard bingo pattern to win, huh? I didn't want it to be to easy or drag out to long. I can start doing 2 numbers a day if you all want me to. Just comment and let me know. Also, if anyone is willing to give this a go again after this game, I'll make the pattern much easier. I do appreciate everyone playing, I'm still having fun with it. Even if Barb's cards are rigged. jk girl......



  1. Boy, I'm glad you said somesthing about this being a hard pattern. Since we were at the beach when this started, I just toook the numbers that you post on the sidebar, and filled them in on my card. I sure would have been embarrassed if I'd called 'Quilt' when I had a line! Thanks for reminding me that I need to read the instructions.

  2. Shopping...oh yeah! You'll have fun.

    I figure we only have 83 more numbers to go to cover all the numbers. That is almost three more months. Of course it we throw out all the I's we can bring it down somewhat. ;)

  3. Hey....they are rigged...okay...I ment to send you something with your fat quarters but I had eight packages going out that was getting costly so i had to go cheaply...but i did send you extra in your earlier package...doesn't that count? Okay...I said lets get on with the game......

    You are doing great!!! I am just messing...


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