Thursday, August 13, 2009

Handbag for a friends b-day.

I made another version of this here. I doubled the size on this one. My friend picked out this fabric. She actually wants to pay for this bag. However, she don't know I'm going to surprise her and just mail it to her for her birthday. If I meet her to give it to her, she'll try to pay me. So, that's why it will go snail mail. We are in the same town, so I know it will be fine in reaching her.

I still have a hard time selling my things. I guess I think they are not good enough to sell. I'm working on confidence is slowly building.

I put this all together, quilted and all last night. Not sleeping well, because I can't get comfortable. I finally stacked all our pillows high as my headboard and drifted off to sleep around 1am...then woke up at 2, 3 and 4........uggghhh. I think tonight I'll take something to help me sleep.

Anywho, glad my dashboard is back up and everyone else's for that matter. I should have just waited. I'm so impatient.

I didn't want to show the inside of the purse as you can see the label and it's a surprise. ;)


  1. I love it. The material is awesome!! I'm the same has you, I find selling my things really difficult too. I usually end up giving it away. My hubby on the other hand doesn't have a problem selling anything he makes. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Love that bag! I don't sell any of my things either. My kids are always saying you could have a little business. I really don't want to be tied down with anything like that. I am working on the 7th quilt for friends of my DIL but it is my therapy so that's fine. There is no telling what would happen to me if I didn't have my quilting.

  3. That will be such a sweet gift for your friend. I know she will love it. You do great work with lack of sleep!

  4. What a lucky friend to be receiving this bag!

  5. Your bag is so cute! I am with you on the sleep! So while you are awake at 1 or 2, I am awake also. Not fun is it?

  6. I get embarassed when I actually do sell especially to friends...I hate taking money from them. Love the bag and hope you get some sleep.

  7. Very nice & how nice to send it to her for her birthday
    Hugs Janice

  8. The fabric really makes it...The bag is awesome!

  9. Cute O bag!!!
    I am sure she will adore it!!!
    Yes you need to find a way to get some rest.
    We all do better when we have right amount of sleep.
    I have my times that I just do not sleep but it passes and will go another few months.
    Have you got any of these horrid storms over that way???

  10. Oh that purse is too cute!! Your friend is gonna love it!!

  11. Love, love, love the bag! Can't wait to see the inside!


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