Friday, August 14, 2009

Christmas Ornaments and BINGO

I know your all sighing, and huffing and puffing when you saw Christmas Ornaments in this post header. Right? Well, I came across this the other day and could not wait to try it out. I have some yummy Christmas fabric I was ready to cut into. So, I headed to get some Styrofoam balls, and to my shock paid $3.77 for 6 2" balls. NOT A GOOD DEAL. I have since went on EBay (my most favorite quilting store, because I live in such a small town) and found 200 2" balls for $15.00......yeah, what a steal. What will I do with 200 balls?? Well, me and a friend will split them. What will I do with 100 balls...................IDK (I don't know, in the texting world is what IDK means, and I'm a texting fool sooooo) anywho.......I've got 100 balls coming my way and thankfully I've made 6 of these so far and am not tired of it yet. You can also make these for any holiday or occasion.

There are called "Christmas Quilted Ornaments". I changed the name up a bit.

These ornaments wasn't my idea, I found this on the Internet, and like everything I make with a pattern, I've tweaked it a little. I won't go into detail about how exactly I made them. (as I'm not sure of copyright laws and such) However, if your interested, I'll go into detail and tell you all. Since I tweaked it, I assume it's ok.

And for BINGO starting in a couple far I have 18 YUMMY fat quarters for the lucky winner of the first round. Look for your first number to be called Saturday morning. I'm excited! If all goes well and enough people are interested I'll do it again. See below for fat quarters for the taking.

If you still want to get in on Bingo, let me know and I'll get some cards emailed to you and you can get your fat quarters in the mail. Click on the BINGO card on my sidebar for rules.


  1. Those Christmas ornaments are delightful. Christmas is coming so fast. I couldn't believe it when I see how many days are left till then. Gotta get busy!!

    Best wishes to all those playing bingo.

  2. Very exciting!!!!!

    I have made those Christmas ornaments before, but forgotten all about them. I have a few Styrofoam balls around I bought for some science thing or another of my son's a millennium ago. They are a little dimpled, but not being a tosser outer, I have stubbornly held on to them. This might be a good use. Could cover dents with embellishments. Thanks for the reminder! And you could use all of those balls to make gift decorations. Wouldn't you be the belle of Christmas day!

  3. I sent two fat quarters you way yesterday. Should have done it last week but the drive is 30 minutes one way...and I need to say more?

  4. I have plans to make ornaments like these sort of, for my grands from the left over fabrics from all the Christmas outfits I've made them over the years. There's only one fabric I don't have.

  5. You have a good start on Christmas. Glad you found a good deal on the balls.

    Looking forward to Bingo.

  6. Hi Tonya,
    oo the fabrics look good enough to eat. Cant wait to start playing, I have printed out my Bingo Card and have it posted on the board in my sewing room...ready.
    Now, the balls. If you cut up your scraps of fabric into say 1 1/2" squares, you can then with a knitting needle or something similar put the point in the centre of the square, then just push this into the polystyrene ball, cover the ball completely with these squares. makes for a very pretty fluffy ball, you dont have to be too fussy with the size. Make them bigger if you like. Whack a hanging ribbon in too. Have fun.
    Janet across the pond

  7. Never too early to start Christmas. :-)

    And I didn't think you even had to explain IDK.

  8. As I said on fb those ornaments are awesome!!


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