Friday, August 14, 2009

Calling all QUILT/BINGO players 1st #'s the pattern you need to have to win.

It's called "4 corners, or 4 postage stamps".

Here's your 1st #
True Random Number Generator 31

So, your # is I 31

Any questions, please let me know. I tried to make it as easy as possible. Remember, I'm also keeping up with all your cards and also marking them. So, I'll when someone has bingo. However, I'll let you post that you have it. So, when you get bingo.......leave a comment. Of course, I'll only take one winner. We shouldn't have duplicates anyway.


  1. What was that?

    Can you say the number louder????

    Oh...Okay....marking it now...

  2. Is that 131 or 31? Errrr think I missed something, if the maximum is 100 how is 131. hee hee there is always one. And this time it is ME. hahahahahaha

  3. OK I have just sussed is I as in QUILT 31. DOH I can be soooo DOH at times.
    Sorreeeeeeeeeee :-)))) Jan
    OH, or is it L OMG stoppit

  4. I am confusedalso. Is the first # I31?

  5. Yay!!!! Good way to start a new week!

  6. Hey Kaye,
    the first bit is the letter in the word
    Q U I L T,
    then comes the number.
    I sussed it after a while.


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