Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Current Project and Bingo # 4

I have finally gotten around to quilting this quilt top . I have decided it's going to my best friend. I'm so lucky to have this gal in my life. She was my best friend in high school and we still talk daily. It's not always on the phone or in person, however; we have some sort of contact daily. Email, text...phone, facebook. Something, and I have to have my daily dose of her.
Can you read my "quilted" message to her? It says "bff". I know she'll love this. It funny how we've changed. In high school, she was outgoing, always had a boyfriend and was never afraid to try anything new. She would always have to talk me into things. I was super, super shy. I know hard to believe right? Let me share one of our funniest moments with you all.........we were cruising our local town (which was hopping with cruisers). We were always on the prowl for boys. Well, as we're heading north on the street, a group of guys are headed south and they yell at us. We both give a good "head jerk" to see who's yelling and then they also start talking to us. Well, my bff is still driving the car (a super cute convertible, that was her dads) mind you, she's driving it without looking. Cause, remember.........we're looking at the boys that "cat called" at us. Next thing we know...........CRUNCH, SMACK.......SMASH and then WHIPLASH!! Yep, we had just rear ended a group of girls in front of us. Yeah girls.......why couldn't it have been guys. They were in a huge SUV of some sorts and it didn't even scratch their car. The super cute convertible on the other hand, was totalled. It had taken her forever to talk her dad into letting us cruise in this car. We had to call him, he came to get us in this god awful ugly van and took me home. It was about a 20 drive, and not a word was spoken from any of us. What a long drive home that was. Now we look back on it and laugh like crazy. Anywho, I know she'll love this quilt and the "bff" quilted on it. I love this girl!

And for all your BINGO peeps, your # for today will be T-68 A quick not on that random number thingy. I always use 1 through 75, I had no idea why it always defaults back to 100. Just wanted to let everyone know. Also, we are up to 20 fat quarters and I'll throw in 2 for the winner. So, someone is going to win 22 fat quarters. How about that?
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  1. Woo hoo on the Bingo. Can't wait to see who wins those fat quarters. I just know your friend is going to love the quilt. Friendship is a gift and so precious.

  2. That's a funny story. It's a good thing you can laugh at it now. I know she will love her quilt.

  3. That story is hysterical! I'll bet at the time it was just awful, though. What was her punishment?

  4. Funny Story...... Your friend will love the quilt.


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