Monday, August 31, 2009

Mill House Inn Tote Bag

I saw this bag yesterday and knew I had to get started right away. Well, that was my first mistake. It was a problem from the beginning. I just couldn't get anything right. Yesterday was a bad day anyway, and this made it worse. As I started ironing my pretty fabrics from Barb, I burned my wrist on the iron. Then I started cutting the pretty fabrics from Barb and cut my finger. Anywho, I got the bag done and actually like it.

This bag does have problems. Of course, they are my mistakes. So, if you see some, please just act like you didn't. I think I have a few people that scan over my work just to critic it. I've gotten some weird comments and emails in the last week. I'm not sure why. I would hope I would never leave such comments or emails to someone. So I leave repeating some famous words my mom used to always tell us........"if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".

If I loose a few followers because of be it.


  1. You go Girl! I am with you 100%

  2. Hey...if they make mean comments, who needs them as followers anyway???

  3. I just don't get it. Don't those who make nasty comments have anything better to do. Gheez, I wish they'd get a life and start doing something productive rather than hurting other people.

    Tonya, I love your bag. I have a pattern here to make one, just haven't found the time yet. Hope your day goes better today.

  4. You bag looks great. I can't believe people would leave mean comments. They don't have any "home training".

  5. As if they are perfect anyway. I'd ignore those folks. I like the bag. Sorry that it caused you to have such a bad day.

  6. I don't see mistakes. I think it is very pretty. Almost makes me wish there were a few weeks of summer left!

  7. I love it! And the turtle button is just too cute!

  8. Tell them to get a life then delete them...;-)
    Don't let anyone 'get to you' keep having fun!
    Sorry for all your mishaps..some days are like that!
    Cute bag!!! Vibrant! Looks like a goodly size too.

  9. Well sorry I am going to be totally honest with you I LOVE IT it a great bag so what if there is mistakes i can't see them anyway as the Amish people believe no one but God is perfect so you did the mistakes by design lol
    Funny think i said similar things about the bad i did a little while ago i made mistake but i know what i did & the next one shouldn't have them i hope & i totally agree if you can't say something nice don't say something at all if everyone did that there would be a lot less fighting in this world
    Hugs Janice

  10. First of all, I hope you did not use my name as a sure looked like it from where I am sitting (wink) BARB....BARB!!!!! hey that does sound instead of crap you just say BARB....

    Okay, who do I need to go and beat up??? They better not be messing with my blogging buddy...besides, my nose is brown from trying to get in good with the Bingo guru....

    I hope you were not too upset. I did get one comment just recently that I raised my eyebrows at for a moment and then just went hummmmmmm whatever.....

    Just know that you are loved in this corner of the keep on a sewing....and I love those fabrics together...who would have thunk it???? Love the tote....did a great job...but I am not there to inspect seams....(I have it in real good with the quilting police)....


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