Monday, August 17, 2009

Scrap Storage and Bingo #3

I've been keeping all my fabric scraps in a Rubbermaid drawer system. Well, all the drawers got full. I really didn't have room to add another drawer system. So, I saw this huge "laundry" basket that I loved. Took it home and dumped all my scraps into this basket. Little did I know, it's over half full. Oh well. It will still hold much more.

Your friendly BINGO # for today is L-58 *Bingo Gods, please let Barb's card have this #* haha love ya Barb!!

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  1. I love the basket!!! I have scraps in containers ...some the three size squares Scrap Therapy uses. Some plastic drawers of strips.
    The scrap therapy I may leave in the three containers but the rest I see needing a basket home. I love digging through scraps and a basket sounds PERFECT!!!

    Hey and you have more room for scraps!!! Baskets much warmer than plastic!!

  2. nice idea for scraps. Tonya when I see that I have not used my scraps in awhile I donate them to the art teacher and start over. You know its like clothes sitting in a closet. If you don't use them after a certain amount of time, you have to give them away.

  3. I love the basket too. The thing is Tonya, you have to use up those scraps before it gets full and you need another basket or two or three. Scraps have a way of growing!!

  4. I did a big sorting of fabric this evening. I blogged about it too. Great minds!

  5. Woo Hoo I have two on one card!!! And BTW - I like scraps in a basket!

  6. What a great basket! It looks like you will have plenty of room for scraps.

  7. I have some storage but not too much i have some in a small suitcase & more in a FQ bag & a small metal case as well as in plastic trolley drawers the bags can go under the table with the suitcase sitting at the side between the table & the small trolley.
    I wish i could have baskets or something much nicer for my room but no space any scraps i have i put in a bag that sits over my sewing chair, oh what i would give for more space lol
    Hugs Janice


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