Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guilty Pleasure?

Ok, so I saw this on TV this morning and it has stuck with me all day. I want to know what your guilty pleasure is. Of course, PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN..........mine? You want to know mine? I have several. Some will be a shocker, some won't. Of course, I can only hope no one will judge me for these. (i know this blogging world can be cruel sometimes, i have emails to prove it) Anywho, let me give you a few examples of a guilty pleasure definition.

"A guilty pleasure is defined as something you enjoy, even though you know it’s bad for you."

"A Guilty Pleasure is defined as something that would ruin us if our friends knew about it."

"A guilty pleasure is something you would listen to, but sure as hell wouldn't wear a t-shirt in public of."

"A guilty pleasure is something that I pretend to like ironically, but secretly really like"

They kinda all mean the same thing, but these are some that I found while googling. Mine are as follows:

Rap Music-i know, weird huh......just can't help it, it's stuck with me since high school and no matter how hard i try, i can't shake it.

Grape Smirnoff-in moderation of course, just love the stuff.

Sewing/Quilting-although it's not bad for me and i don't think any of my friends would hate me for doing it. People (many) are often surprised that i quilt/sew.

I'm sure i have many more, and even can name more. Just don't want to freak out my 115 followers. Although, I know all 115 don't follow anymore. Had something to do with a giveaway. haha

So, I want to know what everyone's guilty pleasure is???


  1. Guilty pleasure. I am diabetic so a lot of goodies are a no, no for me but I LOVE, YES LOVE, ice cream. I don't have a hard time not eating desserts but my ice cream,especially gelatis--to die for. Gee you have 115 followers, I have in the 20's???? but look at my blogs I am lucky most days to get between 3 and 6 comments. Maybe I am boring??

  2. Quilting and fat quarters and books (and tons of them). And I can't forget Cheeses!!

  3. Quilty pleasures: Ice cream (particularly DQ blizzards), quilting, fat quarters and books, just to name a few...
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have lots of guilty pleasures but two that stand out are I just love watching the Young and The Restless! I swore I would never get hooked on a soap opera but I am. The other one is I love to eat on a tray in front of the tv instead of at the table. I hate to admit to them. Can I be anonymous?

  5. Junk food (ice cream, nacho chips, etc.)....and buying quilting books and patterns (most of which never get used).

  6. potato chips and Heath Klondike bars... with blood sugar issues both are bad for me.

  7. oh yes, and songs that have a banjo with a good beat...yep I said a banjo. Example Sawing on the Strings by Allison Krauss

  8. CHOCOLATE!!! Hands down ...
    Enjoy your weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. Shopping for fabric when I do not NEED too, over spending.
    Chocolate, new Dove Choc and Peanut butter bars are to die for!!
    Big Macs.. yes horrid I know!!!

  10. of course quilting... I love to do giveaways....just for the pleasure of it.

    Eating a bag of M&M's.....

    Sitting by the beach when there are other things to do....

    shall i go on?

  11. Great question... and great way to get a discussion going.

    My guilty pleasure is scrapbooking. I know it wouldn't ruin any friendships and a few of my friends do it, but it is kind of in opposition to my personality because it's such an... ahem... oldish, conservative kind of hobby and I don't see myself that way. My husband also referred to it as an 'old lady hobby' Ouch! But I like it and I like the idea of leaving stories behind for my daughter and (in the future) grandchildren.

    Chocolate is another guilty pleasure. Again, it wouldn't ruin any friendships but I know it's so BAD for me! I just can't help myself.

    If you like rap music, you must be quite a bit younger than me!

  12. This is fun. hey I think your pleasures were good, in this weird world it could be so much worse. Found it funny food is listed a lot, one of mine is in that category too.

    What is my guilty pleasures?

    I am allergic to all grains other then rice, corn and most fruit. So my pleasure is eating things typically not good for you but I can have. One of them is Kettle cooked potato chips and chocolate TOGETHER, one bite of each at the same time OH YUM.

    And Dryers all natural vanilla ice cream with the chocolate covering that gets hard and chopped roast almonds. ya I know fating.

    Only other thing I could think of is reading Murder Mystery books, now on the surface that may seem not harmful, but I have a addition,one, is I can not literally put them down till I finish them. I ignore chores, my hubby and kids and making dinner when I have one. I will stay up no matter how late it gets just to read it. That could be sort of harmful. I actually have to avoid that section when we go tot he library because I would be tempted to get one and I know what will happen. LOL.

    I tried hard to think if I had anything I do or like that my friends would not like me if they knew and honestly could not think of anything.

    So that it:)

  13. I guess i would have to say cream cakes & chocolates not good when you need to lose weight so they are my guilty pleasure plus buying fabric & Yarn as that bad for the pocket for sure lol
    Hugs Janice

  14. Tee hee I love romance novels! Just take a vacation in my mind!
    I crave salty stuff.

  15. Shopping, especially for fabric I don't need.

    Spending a day being lazy around the house with the husband every now and then.


  16. cocktails on Friday night with hubby. Nice way to wrap up the hectic week.

  17. chocolate, fabric, buying and planting too many flowers in the yard, pets (just got a bunny), more fabric, buying more flowers, staying up all night, being lazy

  18. Guess I'd have to fess up to M&M peanuts. I have bowls all over the house.

  19. OH how fun...I think these posts must all be the same people as me! I have SugarFree ice cream with half the fat (Dreyers triple chocolate)but I eat it out of the carton with a FORK! I know, keep it clean. lol

    I love to buy polyester quilt tops from ebay EVEN when I'm almost BROKE!

    I'll buy fat quarters I don't need or use. Just to look at some evening.

    Well enough confession, I see I would be comfy at any of your homes. So get out the nacho chips, sinful cheese dip and we'll have a big mac, listen to banjo rap and look at fabric we love but will never use! Hooray for guilty pleasures!

  20. My guilty pleasure... the vanilla cookies from WallyWorld... the cheap store brand. Oh, my are they good.



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